Sprint Queen Lena!

16.03.2012, Khanty Mansiysk / IBU Info. Dept. JK
Wins 8 of 10 Sprints in Final Season
Germany’s Magdalena Neuner completed an unparalleled sprint season by winning her eighth sprint of the year today, in 22:11.5, with two penalties. The German star won the seasonal sprint cup after dominating the ten competitions with eight victories. Second went to clean-shooting Vita Semerenko of Ukraine, 3.2 seconds back. Darya Domracheva of Belarus finished third, with one penalty, 16.2 seconds back.

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Fourth for Mäkäräinen

Finland’s Kaisa Mäkäräinen, with two penalties was fourth, 17.5 seconds back, while  sweden's Helena ekholm who shot clean was fifth, 225.4 seconds back. Germany’s Andrea Henkel who also shot clean, was sixth 29.4 seconds back.

Neuner and Domracheva

This looked like another battle similar to many during this season; Neuner and Domracheva versus everyone else. Domracheva got an early jump on her rival as she shot clean in prone while Neuner had a penalty. In standing, with a possible win at stake, Domracheva hit the first four targets and missed the final one. Neuner coming in a bit later reversed the tables. Although the Belarusian had a five second lead after standing, Neuner quickly eliminated that, despite another penalty and extended her lead from that point on.

Semerenko Slips into Second

Mäkäräinen, tried to top the duo with a fast, clean prone stage which gave her the lead until she shot standing, where she had two penalties. Next in line was Semerenko who left prone with a 1.4 second lead over both Domracheva and Neuner. Semerenko did what the others could not do; shoot clean in standing which gave her a 14.5 second lead on the field. Yet she lost ground from that point, but slipped between Neuner and Domracheva to take second place.


Neuner was all smiles after her win. “It was great for me today… the past weeks have been very hard and tough, with all of the pressure around the World Championships. It is great to have these last competitions now; it was only fun today!”

Nice Ending

Semerenko although happy to be on the podium for the second time this season, said she was ready for the season to end. She added, “However, I am very happy to end my season in such a nice way.”

Not a Good Feeling

Domracheva who was not moving as fast as usual on the tracks commented, “It was a difficult day for my wax team. My head wax man was almost crying after the competition; it was not a good feeling on the tracks.”

Regarding her missed standing shot, she added, “I think I was back out on the tracks before I fired that last shot!”