Training Day at the Soldier Hollow Olympic Venue
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It is a cool, plus 8 Celsius morning at the 2002 Olympic Biathlon venue at Soldier Hollow, Utah; on the training menu for the US men and women is the standard zeroing, then a 3-loop sprint race, with just enough recovery time to reload magazines, followed by an equally quick 5-loop pursuit race. That is just the appetizer. After these 30-plus minutes of fast training; the real work for the day begins. Multiple 8-minute loops with shooting bouts, through the dry, desert-like hilly tracks, that encircle the 2002 Soldier Hollow Olympic Biathlon venue.
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October: Snow and End of Summer Training
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The transition to on-snow training continues, but one team still has a national rollerski competition this week as the first competitions in Östersund loom in just over five weeks. Single mixed relay and regular mixed relay kick off the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon season on Sunday November 29. With those first competitions getting extremely close, most of the World Cup teams have been on snow someplace in the past few weeks. With lots of reports and many great photos floating through social media, here is a round-up of what some of the teams have been doing.
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Cooled Track Skiing Open in Tyumen, Kontiolahti
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Natural snow fell this week across parts of central Europe, while the French and other teams were preparing to ski in the tunnel in Oberhof. At the same time, the Russian and Polish teams were on the glacier at Ramsau. Yet in Tyumen Russia and Kontiolahti, Finland, there were well-prepared tracks at the biathlon stadiums; both have cooled tracks covered with natural stored snow.
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New Season Fast Approaching; Fall Training Update
Copyright IBU/Regina Oja
Over the past month, most teams have been switching to more biathlon specific training; i.e. more rollerskiing/shooting combination training, less long cycling tours, and national rollerski competitions as pre-season tests. It is just over two months until the new season kicks off with IBU Cup 1 in Idre, Sweden on November 28 and the BMW World Cup season starts the next day with the mixed relay in Östersund.
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Peter Sendel New German Men’s IBU Cup Coach
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43-year-old Peter Sendel who worked with Ricco Gross during the IBU Cup season has been selected to be the Men's Head Coach for the German IBU Cup team.
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Finland’s Marco Laaksonen Says, “Hit the Targets”
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"We have two top athletes, Kaisa and Mari; after there is a big gap," is how Finland's Head Coach Marco Laaksonen sums up his team. "We have to do something with everyone else in order for them to move up in the results, so we are focusing on hitting targets. If we can hit more targets, their results will improve." That is just part of the plan to make the Finnish team, known for mostly for Kaisa's exploits, simply get better and be more competitive. During a camp in Obertilliach with his 4-person A team, Laaksonen talked about his strategy and what the team has been doing this summer after the IBU World Championships last season in Kontiolahti.
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Australia Hosts IBU-IOC Oceania Region Development Camp
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While central Europe was baking in hot July temperatures, a dozen young biathletes from Australia and New Zealand were honing their skills at the IBU-IOC Oceania Region Development Camp, the first one ever conducted in Australia.
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Biathlon Development Camps in Spain
Copyright IBU/RSWSF
Spain in July usually means a holiday, in Madrid, Valencia or on a nice beach. However over the past two weekends, July meant thoughts of winter and biathlon as the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation held two development camps with over a dozen young athletes.
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“Training in Paradise” with the Canadian Team
Copyright IBU/Matthias Ahrens
The Canadian Biathlon A and B teams live and train in Canmore, Alberta Canada, site of World Cup 7 next season. The eleven athletes (six men and five women) sleep in their own beds, and get up every morning to go up to the training center, situated on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.
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IBU WCH 2017: Hochfilzen Construction Progressing
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Hosting the two weeks of competitions at the IBU World Championships is a big task in itself, but long-term preparation for the this event is an even bigger job, that takes years of work. Hochfilzen, Austria, host of the 2017 IBU WCH is in the midst of a construction boom that will see some big changes and improvements in the venue and infrastructure.
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