Early Season Training Round-up
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As May rapidly disappears, virtually all of the World Cup teams have completed at least one training camp and many are now getting together for the second time. They are well on their way to a new season and on the road to Sochi.
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Chilean Federation is looking for a coach
The Chilean federation is looking for a coach for a training camp and competitions for about 30 days in February in Italy. This is part of the IBU Development Program. Applications with salary requests can be sent to Norman Gonzalez Parada at
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Belarus and Ukraine Women; Star Driven
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Last season, three 26-year-old women, Belarusian Darya Domracheva and Ukrainian twins Vita and Valj Semerenko determined the success of their teams in the battle for Nations Cup points. This will probably not change much in the coming season.
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Czech Team Aims for Nove Mesto
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Although he struggled last February at his home stadium in Nove Mesto na Morave, the Michal Slesingr and thinks he and his teammates will be better prepared for the pressure when they compete there in the 2013 IBU World Championships.
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Norway Veterans and Rookies
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Norwegian Men’s Head Coach Espen Nordby Andersen at age 34 is younger than some of his athletes and has less World Cup experience, yet is confident that he, in tandem with Roger Grubben can help bring home the “good results.”…There is always pressure in Norway. We have to have good results. Of course there is pressure but we also are three coaches so we can share the pressure.”
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Small Team; Big Results for Slovenia
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Last March at the IBU World Championships in Ruhpolding, Slovenia won two medals; Silver in the mixed relay and Gold for Jakov Fak in the 20K individual. That is not much of a haul by Norwegian or German standards, but for the Slovenian squad that has just seven World Cup athletes (5 men, 2 women), that was a big accomplishment…and a testament to Coach Uros Velepec’s demanding training program.
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Goals for Russian Men: WCH Medals, Sochi
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Russia won the Men’s Nations Cup last season, despite some devastating injuries that shook the team to the core. Yet as the new season approaches, optimism is running high for the men, after a solid summer of training. WCH medals and Sochi 2014 are the “big dogs in the room,” but without being too specific Coach Nicolay Lopukhov feels his team has improved across the board and “gained a few athletes” (referring to Ivan Tcherezov and Maxim Tchoudov).
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Russian Women “Much Stronger”
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Russia won both the Men’s and Women’s Nations Cup last season, rising to the top of the sport on the shoulders of a deep talent pool. This success came after a series of staff shake-ups and devastating injuries on the men’s squad. Despite that wealth of talent, both Russian teams struggled to reach the podium at the IBU World Championships, garnering just two medals.
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USA Develops Successful Formula
Copyright IBU/Rene Miko
The US Biathlon Team has become a pretty successful biathlon nation over the past 6 years by developing a training formula that works for their team.
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French Team Rolls On
Copyright IBU/Jerry Kokesh
Last season the French men, led by Total Score winner Martin Fourcade just missed taking first in the Men’s Nations Cup, finishing just 26 points behind Russia. At the same time, the French women, with Marie Laure Brunet on point, was a strong third in the Women’s Nations Cup behind perennial powerhouses Russia and Germany. As the new season approaches, the French team looks as strong if not stronger and could easily battle for the top spot in both Nations Cups.
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