Summer Memories: Doro, Anton, Martin, Olena and Friends
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In today's mobile, digital world, almost everyone records moments in their daily life. Biathletes are no different than anyone else, especially during the summer training season when there is time to stop and enjoy a mountain panorama, spend time with family and friends or indulge in a favorite pastime.Grete Gaim’s comment on her jumping photo could be any biathlete’s summer story. “This jumping photo with the lake and mountains describes my beautiful summer in Obertilliach, with all the hiking tours and the wonderful nature!” A diverse group of athletes shared some of their favorite photos and moments from this past summer.
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IBU Coaches Seminar: Sharing the Knowledge Video
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This summer, thirty-five coaches from fifteen nations gathered in Munich for the annual IBU Coaches Seminar where experts from across the world of biathlon shared their knowledge with coaches from developing nations.
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Tragic Death of Quentin Blondeau
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Well–known French ski technician Quentin Blondeau died October 8, 2016 at a hospital in Besancon after he fell from scaffolding on a house he was building in Thevenins, France.
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Jakov Fak: Smiling About New Daughter & New Season
Copyright IBU/ Jerry Kokesh
It is a sunny afternoon in late September; Jakov Fak strolls anonymously down the lakeside promenade in Bled, just 20km but a world away from Pokljuka where he spends much of his training time. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, few people recognize the twice World Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist as he sits down at a lakeside café to chat about 2016 that started at a low point but has been trending upward this summer. Fak is very relaxed on this fourth day away from training before starting a new cycle. He seems refreshed and stress-free although he had spent much of the day visiting sponsors and rushing from his home in Ljubljana to Bled. "It is never a problem for me to do sponsor work; I like it."
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Krystyna Guzik in Hochfilzen; New Start after Surgery
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It is a sunny day in Hochfilzen, home of the 2017 IBU WCH. Veteran coach Alfred Eder is on the shooting range, closely monitoring his training group over an almost three-hour session. That group includes Austrians Simon Eder, Lisa Theresa Hauser, Julia Schwaiger, Dunja Zdouc and...Poland's Krystyna Guzik, who joined the group in early September
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10 Questions for Michael Greis
Copyright IBU/Arena Lenzerheide
The Swiss national biathlon and ski center is located in the scenic town of Lenzerheide in eastern Switzerland. The Lenzerheide biathlon center has ambitious plans for the future: it aims to become a world-class biathlon arena and develop a new generation of Swiss biathletes. To help fulfill these big ambitions the Swiss hired multi-Olympic and World champion Michael Greis as the coach at this upcoming biathlon center. He recently talked about this new job and the venue.
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A Baby Girl for Dasha and Ole Einar
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Darya Domracheva and Ole Einar Björndalen became parents today with the birth of a baby girl at 10:20 am at the 6th Clinical Hospital in Minks, Belarus.
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Amanda Lightfoot: “Every Day is a New Challenge for Me”
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Great Britain's Amanda Lightfoot just finished a training day with the Swedish team that included two-plus hours of classic roller skiing and shooting at Ruhpolding's Chiemgau Arena, followed by an 8K trail run to the top of the Rauschberg, on a cold drizzly morning. Not surprisingly after a late lunch and a quick nap, she is smiling. She describes training with her personal Coach Wolfgang Pichler (also Sweden Head Coach) simply, "Every day is a new challenge for me."
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Ukraine Women’s Team: Training in the Gym and Stadium
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Morning training at the Chiemgau Arena ends around 11:30 for the Ukrainian women's team, but that is just half of the day's work. After lunch, rest and maybe a massage, session two starts and runs until almost 6 PM. Fourteen hours later, the whole squad is back on rollerskis, preparing for three test sprint competitions in a row, with just 10 minutes recovery between each. That is how it rolls during training season; a never-ending cycle of eat, train, eat, rest, train, sleep, eat, train...until the snow flies and the new season begins.
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Hard Day at “Home” in Ruhpolding for Sweden Team
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Like the Ukrainian team, the Swedish team wrapped up their most recent training camp with an almost energy zapping training session this week at their "second home," Ruhpolding's Chiemgau Arena.
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