Kuzmina’s Son Wants Three Medals

14.02.2010, Whistler / Tanja Ohlson/Jerry Kokesh
Hand is Pain-free
The husband of the first Gold Medal winner of the biathlon competitions at Whistler, Daniel Kuzmin is a cross-country skier for Israel. Although he did not qualify for these Olympic Winter Games he still is at the Athlete Village in Whistler as a member of the Slovak Olympic Team. He is not just the husband of Anastasiya Kuzmina but her personal coach.

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One, Two, Three?

They share a room at the Athlete Village, which allows him to provide the very important moral support for his wife.  Their son Jelisey stayed back home in Slovakia with his parents. When Jelisey saw a booklet about the Slovak Olympic Team before his parents left for Canada; he also saw the picture of his mother in it. Below her photo was a picture of the Olympic medals for the 2010 Games. Seeing them, he said to his mother: “I want to have these medals at home.” His father Daniel asked jokingly, “How many medals do you want, are two enough?” Jelisey answered very seriously, “No, I want three.”

Kissed Mother’s Hand

After Kuzmina’s hand injury and surgery, Jelisey always accompanied his mother to training each day. He was also at Antholz for the e.on Ruhrgas IBU World Cup, where she made her comeback. As his mother does when he has a little bump, he frequently kissed his mother’s hand to make it heal faster. The pain in Kuzmina’s hand is now gone, but the feeling has not yet returned to normal.  Still, she managed to give 100 percent with her poles on the tracks. However, she had no problem using her ski poles during her Gold medal performance yesterday.

Six Weeks

The surgery on the Slovak athlete’s hand, performed by which Dr. Eduard Sporer in Lienz, Austria, was exactly six weeks prior to her Gold Medal performance on Saturday. “We still have to work very hard in order to make our son’s dream of three medals come true,” Daniel Kuzmin commented.  Regardless, she is well on her way.