Gold for Doll in Pursuit

26.02.2013, Bansko / IBU Info TO
First Individual Gold for German
Germany’s Benedikt Doll won the men’s 12.5K pursuit in 35:35 with three penalties, putting him 22.3 seconds ahead of Norway’s Vetle Sjastad Christiansen who also had three penalties. Third place went to Russia’s Timofey Lapshin with two penalties, 25.5 seconds back.

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Last Shot

Doll took over the lead after the second prone stage but had to concede it after two misses in his first standing stage. Christiansen and Lapshin had passed him and came together to the decisive final shooting. Christiansen started fast and shot fast. He explained, “I started fast, I think I had already hit two targets before Lapshin began. It was fast but I thought I was in control. Then there was the last shot, I missed it. I was really angry at myself when I was in the penalty loop and I saw that Benedikt shot clean. On the last loop I was really tired and could not catch him, so I am really happy with Silver.”

Zero for Myself

Doll, who won the first international Gold medal of his young career today, was especially happy about this clean final shooting. “I felt good today. At the last shooting I needed a few moments to get a good stand. I knew I needed to shoot 0 and fast. Before the last shot, my knees started to shake. So I told myself that the place is not so important, only the 0 was important for me.” He completed the first part of the final loop with speed before he enjoyed the last meters to his first Gold.

Tough Last loop

Christiansen in second place had to fight Lapshin. The Russian explained afterwards, “It was a really tough last loop; I fought very much to catch him but could not make it to Silver today.”

Fight for Sixth place and a Fall

The competition was overshadowed by a fall during the sprint for sixth place. After the Ukrainians Artem Pryma and Serhiy Semenov from Ukraine finished fourth and fifth, with two and three penalties, respectively, Germany’s Johannes Kühn and Russia’s Maksim Burtasov fought for sixth place during the entire last loop. On the finishing stretch, the German tried to pass Burtasov on the far right of the course in the right finish corridor. Burtasov also went right to close the gap.  Kühn tried to slip through and both athletes fell. While Kühn was injured, Burtasov was up and across the finish line in sixth position. Since Burtasov did not change the finish line corridor; everything went according to the rules. The German coach Andreas Stitzl commented, “He went to the right in his finish corridor all according to the rules but he pushed him to the side in an unfair manner. Burtasov wanted to apologize at the finish but Johannes was already on his way to the hospital where he will have his head and shoulder checked out.” Currently it is not clear how severe Kühn’s injuries are.