Irina Starykh Wins Women’s Sprint

24.02.2013, Bansko / IBU Info TO
New schedule for Monday, February 25
Irina Starykh of Russia flew around the course on the last lap and secured the title as European Champion in the women’s 7.5K sprint in 21:28.1, with clean shooting. Ukraine’s Juliya Dhzyma in second place also shot clean but was 0.4 seconds slower. Monika Hojnisz of Poland in third place had one penalty, 5.6 seconds back.

Copyright IBU/Valentin Vasilev

Fourth place went to Ukraine’s Mariya Panfilova with two penalties, 24.2 back. Fifth was Franziska Preuss with one penalty, 39.6 seconds back. Ane Skrove Nossum of Norway finished sixth, one penalty, 1:19.4 back.


The fog only lifted right before the start of the women’s sprint. Although it came back into the stadium in Bansko several times during the competition, the targets were always visible during the entire competition.

Last Lap

The one who dealt best with these conditions was Starykh but it was really her blazing fast skiing on the last lap that secured the Gold for her. After the standing shooting, Dhzyma was still 16 seconds ahead and Starykh explained afterwards, “I heard in the uphill that I was 6 seconds behind. I gave my best and when I saw at the finish that I was 0.4 seconds ahead, I was very happy.”


The topic of the day was the fog. Dhzyma anticipated a last-minute cancellation before the start and then went on to shoot flawless. “I was lucky, there was not so much fog in the stadium when I shot.” She explained. Hojnisz in third also said, “During zeroing it was really difficult but then there was less and less fog.” Shortly after the competition ended, during the flower ceremony, the fog once again wafted into the stadium.

Due to the weather related stops and cancellations of the competitions yesterday and today, the competition schedule for Monday is now as follows:

10:00 Mixed Relay JM/JW

09:00-09:45 Zeroing


13:00 Sprint Men

12:00 – 12.50 Zeroing


15:15 Pursuit Women

14:30 – 15:00 Zeroing

19:00 Medal Ceremony on the main square of Bansko