Biathlon/ Cross-Country Mixed Relay Tomorrow

20.01.2012, Innsbruck / IBU Info TO
Youth Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck
Tomorrow, a special, new competition will premiere at the first Youth Olympic Winter Games. For the first and for now only time, a mixed relay competition of biathletes and cross country skiers will take place.

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Two Plus Two

Each relay team will consist of a male and female biathlete along with a male and female cross-country skier. First, the female biathlete will run a leg like in a biathlon mixed relay competition of three times 2K skiing with prone and standing shooting. If she does not hit all targets even with her spare rounds, she will have to ski penalty loops for every missed target. Then she will hand over to the female cross country skier who will run the 2K loop twice. The third leg will be done by the male biathlete who will do three 2.5K loops with prone and standing shooting in between. The last leg to the finish will be done by the male cross country skier and consists of two 2.5K loops.


Favorites for this competition are for sure the strong Russian, Norwegian and German athletes who claimed top spots in biathlon and cross country competition during the last days. However, it will be exciting to see if a cross-country skier can balance out the weakness at the shooting range of one of the biathletes or if shooting will thoroughly mix the teams as often is the case in biathlon relay competitions. In any case, surprises are very likely to occur and the competition should provide a lot of excitement.

Since many events scheduled for today had to be postponed due to safety reasons because of the bad weather conditions, the BT/CC Mixed Relay will start at 10:00 tomorrow instead of 13:00, as originally planned. The medals will be handed out to the athletes during the medals ceremony tomorrow evening in Innsbruck, starting at 19:00.