Barely Made It!

On the podium
In Khanty Mansiysk, during the last week of the season I still felt very good on the tracks. There was not a second when I thought I was tired. But that seemed to be a wrong assessment of myself. Already on the flight home my throat and I did not feel well any more. I don’t know if I already had a fever that evening but I definitely did the next day.

In the meantime it’s Saturday and I still cough so hard you think my lung wants to exit my body. I don’t want to complain, though, I am happy with my timing of being sick. Not even 24 hours after the last race during which I still fought for 3rd place in the World Cup Total Score, and only hours after the closing ceremony is really the best time to get sick. The only problem I have now is that I can’t complete my “Coach of Sports Rehabilitation” course now. This is another module on my way to becoming a “Teacher for Fitness”. I was so well-prepared and now there is no other date this year to make it up. I will have to postpone this to next year. That’s annoying!

I want to be healthy by Wednesday. Then, there will be a reception in my honor at the Museumsscheune in Großbreitenbach. This museum contains my skis and the bib from 2002 with which I won the Olympic title in the Individual. This is the perfect opportunity for me to have a look at these things again; maybe it gives me an extra push of motivation for the next season. I don’t really think this is necessary, I think my motivation is pretty good as it is, but a little extra never hurts. After the Easter holidays I will be in Germany for a few more days to run a few errands before I change continents on April 5 once again. From there, I will enjoy some sun for a bit more than a week.

I will write to you again and tell you what I thought of my season before I get a bit of a tan on.